Certificate of Provenance

We are pleased to offer the Certificate of Provenance service to Lotus car owners.  The certificate and covering letter detail how the car left Lotus and are available for all models from the 1957 Lotus Seven onwards.

The certificate will include (depending upon information available) the full VIN, model and variant, the original engine and gearbox serial numbers, body and trim colours, options, build date and the original dealer/distributor dispatched to. These are priced from £44-£55 including postage depending upon information available.

Where information is available, for £82.50 including postage, you can receive the certificate service as above but also include where your car comes in the build sequence for that market and model and how many others there were in the same colour/trim combination. Please contact Andy Graham in Lotus Archives at Archive@lotuscars.com or telephone +44 1603 732178.